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Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography | The Wedding Day Timeline

Tampa Wedding Photographer | How we do it- Not holding you back on your wedding day

Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography




I often see/hear brides say how much they are stressing about their wedding day timeline. What if things go over? will they be able to do a first look with the time they have? Truth is most of the professionals you have hired are able to help. I always discuss with couples at their consults about the beauty of the questionnaires I send out to all of them prior to their wedding. It handles all of the great things like what details they want covered, family lineups they want for their family formals, and what is most important to them. These great little pieces of information help us put together with you a wedding photography timeline for up to your couples formals after that your DJ and/or wedding planner has their own timelines to keep your evening running.  The questionnaire although looks like a bunch of questions help me organize how I am going to approach all of your details and how much time I am going to need to get those items captured.


Why do I do a photography timeline (That you always approve and make changes where you want)


The answer is simple to get you the most of your photography time and not hold you back from your days events. It’s a great little tool so you do not have to worry the day of your wedding that your photographer is keeping making you late.   We work weddings on a constant basis we know where to account for the overage and still make sure we are leaving your getting ready location within enough time to show up to your ceremony on time. Things go over and it allows us to move the time around to still be able to cover all of the areas you wanted covered for the day.


Your Input is welcome and recommended…


Ultimately you approve your timeline. If you feel you are getting into your dress to early tell us we will make the changes where you want and make the time work. It’s there to make less stress for you and know where we are at all times.  It’s your wedding day!! It’s your wedding photography!!





So what does this Wedding Day Photography Timeline look like?   Below is an actual timeline. The timeline brings a lot of comfort to couples because it relieves them of trying to figure out times for an event they have never done before and it comforts them to know their photographer isn’t going to hold them up at any point of the day.









As a Tampa Wedding Photographer and serving the surrounding Bay area and Destinations I want to make your wedding day everything you want when it comes to your photography this photography timeline helps keep what you want covered our priority!



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Tampa Wedding Photographer and Pinterest | Pinterest and Expectations for your Photography Inspiration | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography


Tampa Wedding Photographer | Pin or Don’t Pin

Expectations and Reality with Your Wedding Photography

Tampa Wedding Photographer and Pinterest


Ahhh Pinterest, some of us love it and others of us dread those words. I use Pinterest for ideas for the kids, their rooms, new cooking ideas, and so on. It is a great resource of completed ideas. I am not completely Anti-Pinterest. I think it is great that couples look to color schemes and ideas for decorating on Pinterest. Realistic Ideas not those that have been styled for the sake of a blog post of submission. It’s downfall is that a lot of what you see on pinterest wedding related isn’t always “real weddings”. Styled shoots and portrait sessions take time and time that photographers do not have during actual weddings to photograph. IE: You have plenty of time to arrange things that are appealing to the eye, detail, and model like “brides”. We have thought about doing a styled session to not only display some beautiful images but to show the amount of time spent on those sessions you often see on pinterest without the time stamps to show actual setup start to finish etc. A lot of what you see isn’t always the realistic aspect. We have a pin board with some of our own shots. Those shots are not nearly as pinned as some of these styled sessions. Understandably so.


I have often received pin boards from couples (that I told them was fine to send over) with ideas for their wedding sometimes none of the images applied to their wedding location or time of day they were getting married. A noon wedding cannot have those beautiful sunset shots. I wish I could control the sun sometimes, but I haven’t been given those powers yet (I don’t want those powers either!!). So why do I have them send them over? typically, there is a trend to the posing that stuck out to them. It gives me a feel for what appealed to them because most of the time it falls within the same style I shoot. I NEVER will copy someone else’s posing but it gives me some inkling into what appeals to their eye.



We have one specific image on pinterest that was a REAL wedding where the sunset just worked for what I had in mind and the limited time we had. It’s a great image BUT the sun was ideal and isn’t always this ideal, something we make clear to couples at their consult. The weather and sun doesn’t always work out the way things appear on pinterest. I will say it again- Completed ideas.


It is a great source of a one stop shop for ideas but keep in mind that a lot of what you see may not apply to your own wedding (setting and backdrop) and that a lot of work went into some of those images (time) that just may not be available at your wedding. It isn’t to discourage pinterest but to have realistic expectations for your wedding day instead of these dream settings and dream lighting that just aren’t possible for your day. So you are more then welcome to send your inspiration boards but keep in mind you didn’t hire a photographer to replicate the images you saw on the boards of pinterest but you hired them for their creativity that they have displayed for you on their own site and portfolios. Keeping an open mind and being open to your photographers creativity will make your wedding your own and not telling someone elses story.



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Tampa Engagement Sessions | The Benefits Of Engagement Sessions | Kristen Marie Photography Tampa Wedding Photographer

TampaWeddingPhotographerEngagementSession3 TampaWeddingPhotographerEngagementSession4











Tampa Wedding Photographer |  Tampa Engagement Sessions

We have now made our Engagement Sessions a complimentary part of our 8 and 10 hour Wedding Packages. We have been asked a lot recently to remove the engagement session from some of our collections.  Some couples view engagement sessions as “cheesy”- although some may feel that way, your session actually benefits you and us prior to your big day.  For starters, how awkward is it to have someone photographing you all day? Someone that you have only met at your consult for an hour or someone you have just talked to through emails and phone because you are out of state?  I hate my own photos being taken- We went 5 years without family photos because I dread being in front of the camera. There are a large amount of people this way. Your engagement session is a great way to get to know each other- by the time your wedding comes we have already worked together and it no longer feels like there is this stranger following you around all day long.



It doesn’t have to be about cheesy poses and being dressed fancy.   Really, I just want to capture you and your fiance in your element. How is this done with me “posing” you for a shot? well, although I will “pose” you I take a large step back and allow you to interact. My initial “pose” is to get you into a position that is appealing for the camera- your interactions thereafter is all about the two of you. You dress in what you are comfortable with and don’t have to be themed like all of the pinterest boards you have probably seen and led you to some of the decisions not to have an engagement session.






A location that is you. You always pick the location. You know what you like- I can make suggestions, but ultimately the location needs to really be something that expresses you two. It is about the love between the both of you if you hate the beach and you pick a beach it will show.  Pick a location that helps express your tastes. This shot was done at the couples family location on a lake the home was located next to.






So why did we decide to make our engagement sessions something you can use or not use but it is still in the packages we offer? Because it really benefits you in the end. Most people are not comfortable in front of a camera this gives you the opportunity to loosen up in front of it before someone is following you around on your wedding day. It’s really a great advantage. Destination couples who aren’t going to be local before their wedding won’t loose out either you can use this as a day after session (based on availability).  As we stated in our move to High Resolution Downloads this is all done in an effort to not have to raise our pricing for 2014. Ultimately, the move to make it a complimentary item is so you can take advantage of working with me prior to your wedding date. We want you to be comfortable being photographed on your wedding day! A later blog post will be posted from one of our previous couples who really felt an engagement session benefited them in being ready for someone to follow them their entire wedding day.



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