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Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding | Tony & Megan | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding | Tony & Megan

When it comes to weddings it’s one big circle. Megan had found me through a friend who was using me for their wedding who then was a friend of another couple I was working with. Tampa and St Pete are a small place when it comes to weddings! I’m so glad though that they found me. Their engagement session included some softball, something they both participate in together. Their wedding day started off with Megan getting ready at the ever so beautiful Vinoy in downtown St Pete followed by her and Tony’s beautiful ceremony at the Sunken Gardens. A hidden little Gem in St Pete. The trees are beautiful and there are so many great spots to take advantage of for formals.  The couple danced into the night with friends and family. it was a beautiful wedding enjoy reliving their big day through the images below!

sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-1 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-2 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-3 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-4 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-5 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-6 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-7 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-8 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-9 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-10 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-11 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-12 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-13 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-14 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-15 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-16 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-17 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-18 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-19 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-20 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-21 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-22 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-23 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-24 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-25 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-26 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-27 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-28 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-29 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-30 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-31 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-32 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-33 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-34 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-35 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-36 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-37 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-38 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-39 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-40 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-41 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-42 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-43 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-44 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-45 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-46 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-47 Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-49 Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-52 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-53 Sunken Gardens St Pete Wedding sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-55 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-56 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-57 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-58 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-59 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-60 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-61 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-62 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-63 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-64 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-65 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-66 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-67 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-68 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-69 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-70 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-71 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-72 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-73 sunken-gardens-st-pete-wedding-74

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Downtown St Pete Waterfront Engagement Session | Ali & Brandon | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Downtown St Pete Waterfront Engagement Session | Ali & Brandon | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography



Ali and Brandon rocked their session this past weekend. I knew this couple was going to be a ton of fun from the beginning but they completely rocked this session and we only needed 40 mins of time to do so. They were relaxed and had fun and really acted like they were completely comfortable. Originally the session was going to take place on their boat and was moved to Vinoy Park and the surrounding area the evening before. I really do think the spot suited them no disappointment here, they made this session their own.  I cannot wait till their fall wedding! 

Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 1Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 2Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 3Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 5Downtown St Pete weddingDowntown St Pete Engagement Session 7Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 8Vinoy Park waterfront EngagementDowntown St Pete Engagement Session 10Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 11Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 12Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 13Downtown St Pete Engagement Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 15Vinoy Park Engagement Session St PEteDowntown St Pete Engagement Session 17Downtown St Pete Engagement Session 18Downtown St Pete waterfront Engagement session

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