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Tampa Wedding Photography The Preserve at Alafia | Savannah & Micah | Kristen Marie Photography Tampa Wedding Photographer


Tampa Wedding Photography The Preserve at Alafia


Savannah And Micah were married in a beautiful ceremony at a beautiful location. The Preserve at Alafia is actually an apartment complex (I know I was shocked too at how beautiful the location was!!). The location housed a stunning clubhouse overlooking the Alafia River. Savannah designed the table layout herself with some help from family. The tables were graced with a rustic but nautical feel with burlap table runners and beautiful red roses  The cooking was also a family affair with mom and dad assisting with cooking the delicious meal for their guests. Savannah and Micah decided on a first look for their ceremony to make their ceremony more relaxed for the two of them. The location being right on the water had a little beach with an abandoned doc on the opposite end of the site. It made for a great setup for their couples shots. I was leery of them getting on the old dock but the two were game for everything and hopped right up on it and it really was one of my favorite sets of them for the day!!  It was a beautiful wedding with two wonderful people!




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