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Downtown Tampa Engagement Session | Aaron and Allison | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Downtown Tampa Engagement Session | Aaron and Allison

Because of rain this session took place over two sessions. The First day we started at Poe Plaza and The historic Tampa Theater as we were making our way to a spot at Curtis Hixon the sky opened up and it rained. During the summer sometimes you have better luck with sunrise session then you do any other time of the day and you usually get a little breeze in the morning that you may not get in the evening. Sunrise it was,  our morning started off at Curtis Hixon with a bit of cloud coverage. Our second stop was back to Poe Plaza as their fountains weren’t on at our first session. The session went great and I’m super excited to share their images below! Enjoy!

Tampa Engagement Session 1 Tampa Engagement Session 2 Tampa Engagement Session 3 Downtown Tampa Engagement Session Tampa Engagement Session 5 Tampa Engagement Session 6 Tampa Engagement Session 7 Tampa Engagement Session 8 Tampa Engagement Session 9 Tampa Engagement Session 10 Tampa Engagement Session 11 Tampa Engagement Session 12 Tampa Engagement Session 13 Tampa Engagement Session 14 Tampa Engagement Session 15 Tampa Engagement Session 16 Tampa Engagement Session 17 Tampa Engagement Session 18 Tampa Engagement Session 19 Tampa Engagement Session 20 Tampa Engagement Session 21

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Curtis Hixon Park Family & Maternity Session | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Curtis Hixon Park Family & Maternity Session | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography



I really enjoy family and children sessions, it is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of weddings.  I had the honor of photographing their little one for his cake smash the year before last and mom had contacted  for a session last year but rescheduled because she was pregnant and wanted to do a combo session which was pretty awesome news. The great thing about this session is the little guy made the rules and when little ones make the rules the candid shots are awesome. We got the formal shots out of the way tried for another set, he wasn’t game so we took it from there and he did awesome although i’m not sure if mom and dad felt the same way at the time lol. It was a great session with a great family I look forward to more sessions with them all!



Tampa Maternity Photographer 1 Curtis Hixon Park Family & Maternity Session Tampa Maternity Photographer 3 Tampa Maternity Photographer 4 Tampa Maternity Photographer 5 Tampa Maternity Photographer 6 Tampa Maternity Photographer 7 Tampa Maternity Photographer 8 Tampa Maternity Photographer 9 Tampa Maternity Photographer 10 Tampa Maternity Photographer 11 Tampa Maternity Photographer 12 Tampa Maternity Photographer 13 Tampa Maternity Photographer 14 Tampa Maternity Photographer 15 Tampa Maternity Photographer 16 Tampa Maternity Photographer 17 Tampa Maternity Photographer 18 Tampa Maternity Photographer 19 Tampa Maternity Photographer 20 Tampa Maternity Photographer 21 Tampa Maternity Photographer 22

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Sunrise Session Curtis Hixon Park | Randy & Liz | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Sunrise Session Curtis Hixon Park | Randy & Liz



Randy and Liz were given my information from their wedding planner Chrissy over at Ideal Design Events whose work you will see next week from another wedding I worked on with her.    Back to Randy and Liz!   Their use to the cold so this brisk morning was no deterrent for them, however the sun just refused to come out at Curtis Hixon Park. The session went great though with or without the sun! This is a super fun couple and I am looking forward to shooting their summer wedding next year! Enjoy their session below!



Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 1 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 2 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 3 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 4 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 5 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 6 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 7 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 8 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 9 Sunrise Session Curtis Hixon Park Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 11 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 12 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 13 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 14 Curtis Hixon Park Engagement 15

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Curtis Hixon Park Engagement Session | Matt & Christen | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Curtis Hixon Park Engagement Session | Matt & Christen

Sunrise session for engagement sessions is just as good as sunrise sessions. In downtown Tampa with the building coverage you get a little longer before the sun comes to where shooting is less then ideal. Matt & Christen had a beautiful sunrise session at Curtis Hixon Park and the University of  Tampa. With them being in such close proximity it made for a great scenery change. Enjoy their beautiful session below!

Tampa Engagement Photographer 1Tampa Engagement Photographer 2Tampa Engagement Photographer 3Tampa Engagement Photographer 4Tampa Engagement Photographer 5Tampa Engagement Photographer 6Tampa Engagement Photographer 7Tampa Engagement Photographer 8Tampa Engagement Photographer 9Tampa Engagement Photographer 10Tampa Engagement Photographer 11Tampa Engagement Photographer 12Tampa Engagement Photographer 13Tampa Engagement Photographer 14Tampa Engagement Photographer 15

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