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Clearwater Beach Wedding | Jennifer and Earl | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Clearwater Beach Wedding | Jennifer and EarlĀ 

Jennifer and Earl live out of state but were planning their wedding local at Clearwater Beach in October where her parents live. We had met a few times before the big day to go over everything and make sure we were covering everything they wanted for the big day especially since everything was being planned from out of state. Jennifer was probably one of the nicest people I’ve met along the way in this business. We love all of our couples but she was really low key about the wedding day and so relaxed. Although I know she didn’t feel like it was going that way at times. The couple married with close friends and family at the Calypso Queen on Clearwater beach. Because of the time they were getting married and when the boat was leaving I told her if she wanted to get up and do a sunrise session before the headed home we could get some beautiful couples photos right on Clearwater Beach. They showed up on time and we got the session done so they could head back north later in the morning! It was a great wedding and I wish them all of the joy and happiness!

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