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Clearwater Beach Wedding | Jennifer and Earl | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Clearwater Beach Wedding | Jennifer and Earl 

Jennifer and Earl live out of state but were planning their wedding local at Clearwater Beach in October where her parents live. We had met a few times before the big day to go over everything and make sure we were covering everything they wanted for the big day especially since everything was being planned from out of state. Jennifer was probably one of the nicest people I’ve met along the way in this business. We love all of our couples but she was really low key about the wedding day and so relaxed. Although I know she didn’t feel like it was going that way at times. The couple married with close friends and family at the Calypso Queen on Clearwater beach. Because of the time they were getting married and when the boat was leaving I told her if she wanted to get up and do a sunrise session before the headed home we could get some beautiful couples photos right on Clearwater Beach. They showed up on time and we got the session done so they could head back north later in the morning! It was a great wedding and I wish them all of the joy and happiness!

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Clearwater Engagement Session | Honeymoon Island State Park | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Clearwater Engagement Session | Honeymoon Island State Park

Middle of the week on a beach during the school year is GREAT for sessions! It’s quiet and you have a lot more range and the opportunity of avoiding people then any other time. Michelle wasn’t sure she wanted to do an engagement session at first and I’m so glad her and her Fiance Mike decided to go ahead with it. She was nervous as most couples are and by the end of it she was comfortable and they even got in the water and had some fun for some shots. It was a great session and I’m looking forward to their December wedding that is fast approaching! Enjoy their session below!!

clearwater-engagement-session-1 clearwater-engagement-session-2 clearwater-engagement-session-3 clearwater-engagement-session-4 clearwater-engagement-session-5 clearwater-engagement-session-6 clearwater-engagement-session-7 clearwater-engagement-session-8 Clearwater Engagement Session clearwater-engagement-session-10 clearwater-engagement-session-11 clearwater-engagement-session-12 clearwater-engagement-session-13 clearwater-engagement-session-14 clearwater-engagement-session-15 clearwater-engagement-session-16 clearwater-engagement-session-17 clearwater-engagement-session-18 clearwater-engagement-session-19 clearwater-engagement-session-20

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Honeymoon Island Bridal Session | Jessica Bridal Session | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Jessica wanted to do a rustic session for her bridal session and Honeymoon Island offers just that. We were concerned about her dress getting dirty and decided a beach was far less of a risk then dirt in a park. Honeymoon island has such a variety of areas that we felt it was the perfect place to capture her bridal portraits. One of these was displayed at her wedding as well. Brides are normally on the fence about whether they need a Bridal session or not- I think it’s a great idea allowing for a little extra time on their wedding day for other portraits then just those of them by themselves.




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Hyatt Regency Clearwater Wedding | Bobby & Kortni | Kristen Marie Photography Clearwater Wedding Photographer

Hyatt Regency Clearwater Wedding |  Bobby & Kortni


Location : Hyatt Regency Clearwater

Photographer: Kristen Marie Photography 

Videography: Trinity Wedding Cinema

Bobby had contacted me and said they were looking for an artistic photographer to photograph their wedding ceremony. The couple was having their wedding ceremony for close friends and family and then traveling back to the brides home state to celebrate their nuptials at a later date. The couple decided to do a first look right after they got ready at their separate suites at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach. They also exchanged gifts with the bride being surprised with their honeymoon location with her Justin Bieber wedding card (I had no idea who he was until that point). The Brides bouquet was stunning with the colors really being bright and colorful. The Ceremony was held on the rooftop sky terrace overlooking the beach in front and from behind the boat harbor. It was a beautiful day with the rain holding off for these two to say i do. Formals were done on the adjacent beach while the sun was setting behind them. They left us to catch a sunset cruise dinner with the guests that attended their intimate ceremony.

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