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Davis Islands Yacht Club & Ballast Point Park Tampa Engagement Session | Franklin & Amber | Tampa Wedding Photographer Kristen Marie Photography

Davis Islands Yacht Club  Engagement Session| Franklin & Amber

Meet Franklin & Amber who are getting married next spring. Amber wanted an area with sail boats for Franklin (Davis Islands Yacht Club) but also wanted the contrast of Ballast Point Park .¬†Ballast point park has a beautiful area surrounding it as well (I have a soft spot for the old colonial houses and they have one of those) which makes for some great spots for photos on the walk over to the park. ¬†Ballast Point has a great pier and you can even see some of the Tampa Yacht Clubs boats from areas of it. The second part of our session took place on the beaches outside of the Davis Islands Yacht Club. I was a bit nervous with the cloud cover we were going to miss an awesome sunset but the clouds subsided a bit and the sun peaked through with some beautiful colors radiating off the clouds. It was an amazing session! I’m looking forward to the big day!

davis-islands-yacht-club-engagement-1 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-4 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-7 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-9 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-10 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-11 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-12 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-13 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-14 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-15 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-17 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-18 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-19 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-20 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-21 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-23 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-24 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-25 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-26 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-27 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-28 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-29 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-30 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-31 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-32 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-33 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-34 Davis Islands Yacht Club Engagement Session davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-36 davis-islands-yact-club-engagement-37

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